Batik Pekalongan "Umang"

Indonesian Clothings Kiosk

Jakarta City Center (JaCC) Ground Floor Unit C11 No. 5
Jalan Kebon Kacang Raya (close to Grand Indonesia) Jakarta Pusat Tel. (62-21) 3199-1105


We sell a wide variety of ready to wear men's and women's batik clothing with a good selection of different colors, models and sizes. Our batik is known as Batik Pekalongan because it is produced by very well known batik producers in the Central Java city of Pekalongan; These popular batik designers include: Luza, Putri Diana, Alydar, Srikandi Jamilah, Balong Batik, Putri Diana , Nulaba, etc.

Toko Umang also sells beautiful batik tablecloths, sheets, and bedspreads as well as traditional Muslim clothing including sarong, abaya and baju koko.

Our small batik kiosk is open daily from 09.00-17.00 and on Fridays we are closed from 11.00-13.00. 


About Toko Umang 

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We do not provide online transaction, please come to our small shop, see many batik items, choose, pay and get your Batik ready for use.

Please visit our website regularly to get updates on our new arrival items.


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September 7 arrivals batik short sleeve cloth for men with the size 4L and 5L

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 New Arrival 8 Mei 2008

New Arrivals - March 31, 2008

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Breaking News:

Effective February 13, we open a new kiosk Blok C11 No.5, close to the existing kiosk. We expect to run both kiosks in paralel for 3 to 6 months.


Just arrive  various LUZA products,  January 17, 2008.



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Arrivals From Pekalongan, January 1, 2008


This website will be updated regularly every time there is a new delivery from Pekalongan.

At the moment our stocks mostly are from well known Pekalongan batik producers. We have a limited stock from Solo.


How to reach JACC

It is now very easy to access JaCC.

JaCC located at Jalan Kebon Kacang Raya, about 150 from Plaza Indonesia.

There is a regular shuttle bus from Plaza  Indonesia South Gate to JaCC.

Using busway from Blok M, you just stop at Bunderan HI bus stop, you may enter Plaza Indonesia and find the south gate waiting for shuttle bus to JaCC.

There is another shuttle bus from Plaza BII (Jalan MH Thamrin) to JaCC.

If you drive by yourself, and come from Jalan Sudirman, at Bunderan HI turn left, enter Jalan Kebon Kacang Raya, and you will see a big sign of Hypermart JaCC. Just go that direction and enter the JaCC Building, a very large space parking park is available.

Toko Batik Umang located at Ground Floor C20a No.6,  close to Bakso Lapangan Tembak restaurant.